It is amazing how in tune I am right now with pregnancy and newborns. I gravitate to them. And when I am on a session all I can do is ohhh and ahhh. Pregnancy is truly a miracle. A celebration of the life  to soon be born into this world. This beautiful mom is patiently waiting for her beautiful daughter. And her adorable son M will soon be a big brother. When I look at these images I can only imagine the Love this little one will receive when she arrives. She is one very lucky little girl.


I could not have asked for a better session this weekend. It does not get much better than a beautiful couple in love and such a stunning day.Here is just a small sneak peek, Ok not small because I could’t choose just a few. I am in Love with them all.



I am very behind on my blog posts but could’t help but jump into this weeks challenge. I thought of this image immediately.  I adore her stunning dark hair and lush eye lashes. I Love everything about this image.  Enjoy!

I will let these images speak for themselves. This husband and wife are expecting x2 :-) They are patiently awaiting the arrival of two precious baby girls that as you can see are loved so much already. We had  a stunning day weather wise and although the trees are somewhat bare these days We celebrated the warm sun and the beautiful autumn glow. Enjoy


Something a bit different and fun!


When this weeks challenge came out of course this image from last fall came to mind. This was towards the end of our session and as soon as I took this image I told his mom he was telling me “No Paparazzi” :-)  Little did I know a year later how much he would love the camera and how much it would love him.

I am one of those girls that loves romance and fairytales. I have always adored weddings but never in a million years thought I would capture one. I felt so blessed on this day. I was nervous and excited bundled into one. I felt so at ease the second I stepped into their home to capture one of the most important and exciting days in their lives together. This is simply just a glimpse into their day. It was beautiful, elegant, and as you can see E looked timeless. Congratulations S  & E and many wonderful wishes for an amazing life together now as husband and wife.

Isn’t the catering just beautiful- Krave is located in Newton

This has been weighing on my heart for some time and what better time to do this giveaway than now. In my adult life I have seen loss, family struggle, illness, and currently devastation. On the wake of Hurricane Irene there are so many families that have lost so much. We tend to take so much for granted daily. There are  many struggling to get by,  families currently spending their days in hospitals with a family member  receiving chemotherapy and/or radiation, people trying to rebuild their lives, individuals grieving a loss ect. I could go on and on. The point in this post is that I want to give back to a deserving family. It is so important to preserve family memories and even more important to do it now and not later. Photographs are what give us our memories.


For this giveaway I would like you to nominate a family or friend that you feel is deserving of complimentary session. Please write me a small essay explaining why you think they deserve to be picked. Please send the essay to Once all entries are in they will be narrowed down to five finalist. Once the finalists have been announced  on this blog and Facebook you will have the opportunity to vote for the person/family you feel deserves to win.


The entry deadline is Friday September 9, 2011.


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This weeks challenge is beautiful eyes. I am not going to lie I have so many images with such beautiful eyes. It is almost impossible to pick just one but I adore this image. Her Eyes simply speak to me and inspire me.


Dana and I are beyond excited for our big opening. We would love for you to join us on August 12th from 6-9 as we celebrate our new venture. We will be kicking off with some good food, amazing giveaways and a fantastic way to give back to the brave men and women serving overseas. It is no secret  how important our military is to me. My father is a former Marine, My brother recently graduated OCS, and My Brother Marine Sgt. Vincent J. Koert Jr recently deployed for his second tour to the Middle East less than two weeks after his second son was born. My brothers previous deployment truly opened my eyes. We had very little contact with him for almost 9 months. But we felt it was very important to continuously let him know we were thinking of him and his platoon daily. Packages Packages and more Packages. His life was at a stand still and our lives here in the US continued on. We get to wake up daily to a warm cozy home, comfortable clothing while enjoying the comfort of air conditioning. We get to pick up our laptops and phones when we please and eat whatever food we wish without even thinking twice. And most importantly we get the chance to hug our children and see how much they change everyday. They give so much of their lives.  This is why every little ounce of comfort we can bring to them is so important.   It is the little things that mean the most. Dana and I are asking that everyone attending our gallery/studio opening bring a small donation with them to support the 1/6 Marines currently deployed to Afghanistan. At the end of this blog post I will supply a list of items that I know our Marines will be so grateful for. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your generosity.

Shopping list suggested by  (


  • COFFEE (Ground or whole; instant or drip. Ground is preferred)
  • POWDER DRINK MIX (Gatorade, Kool-Aid, Crystal Light)
  • TUNA & CHICKEN SALAD (in foil pouches, or ready-to-eat kits (no cans)
  • Hot Chocolate packets, Herbal teas
  • Hard Pretzels / Cheetos / Fritos / Chex Mix / Wheat Thins / Ritz
  • Gum / Hard Candy (must be individually wrapped in large bags)
  • Granola Bars / Power Bars / Cereal Bars / Cliff Bars
  • Fig Newtons, Oreos, Cheese & Crackers – Small Packs
  • Trail Mix, Dried Fruit, Granola, Fruit Roll-Ups / Fruit By The Foot / Fruit Gummies
  • DRY SOUP: (Ramen Noodles / Cup-O-Soup: just add water)
  • NUTS: Peanuts, Mixed Nuts (salted preferred)
  • MICROWAVE FOOD (Popcorn, Chef-Boy-R-Dee, Mac’n'Cheese…)
  • COOKIES / Girl Scout Cookies (with chocolate: Oct. – Feb. only!)
  • Rice Krispie Treats (Store-bought only)
  • Little Debbies® & Hostess® cake products
  • Oatmeal Packs (Instant: just add water)
  • Cereal (Small, individual boxes)
  • Condiments, Spices; Sugar; Salad Dressing (no glass jars)
  • Caffeinated gum or candy (to stay alert)


  • BABY WIPES (travel size)
  • HAND SANITIZER (travel size)
  • Body Wash, Liquid Soap, Facial Cleanser
  • Shampoo /Conditioner (travel size)
  • Hair Gel (for female troops to pull hair back)
  • Combs / Brushes / Bobby Pins (in original packaging, please)
  • Deodorant (travel size)
  • Razors (disposable or “Intuition” or “Mach 3″ types)
  • Shaving Cream in Tubes / Shaving Soap (No CANS of Shaving Cream, please!)
  • Lip balm / Chap Stick / Carmex / Blistex
  • Baby Powder & Foot Powder (travel size)
  • Tissues (individual packs; travel size only)
  • Hand & Body Lotion / Moisturizer (travel size)
  • Sunblock, SPF 45, Zinc, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Gel
  • Bug Spray / DEET / Skin-So-Soft
  • Mouthwash (travel size)
  • Toothpaste & Toothbrushes & Dental Floss
  • Breath Mints / Breath Strips
  • Lozenges / Cough Drops
  • Loufa Sponges / Buff Puffs / Washcloths
  • Nail files / Emery Boards / Nail Clippers
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Cotton Swabs (i.e. Q-tips) – also used to clean guns!
  • Cotton Balls
  • Band-aids, Gauze Pads, First Aid Kits / Ace bandages, Icy Hot or Bengay cream
  • Moleskin
  • Shoe Insole Cushions (gel kind is best)
  • Tylenol, Motrin, Advil or Aspirin Packets
  • Eye Drops (i.e. Visine)
  • Nasal Spray
  • Vitamins (multi-vitamins are always needed!)


  • BATTERIES: (AA, AAA, C & 9 Volt are the most requested)
  • DVD Movies (new or usedrecent releases only, please!)
  • Xbox Games, PSP, PS2 & PS3 Games (new or used)
  • iTunes® Gift Cards
  • 35 mm disposable cameras
  • Computer Flash Drives & Thumb Drives
  • Portable CD players / head phones
  • Electronic handheld games
  • Small homemade gifts - reminders & comforts of “home”
  • Small photographs or posters of scenery for their tents & walls
  • Pens & mechanical pencils, small note pads
  • Stationery & Envelopes; blank cards to send home
  • Double-sided tape, small crafts kits, scrap-booking items
  • Day planners / Calendars / Small, Pocket Calendars
  • Game Books: (Crossword Puzzles / Word Search Books / Math Puzzle books / MAD LIBS / Logic Problems / Sudoku)
  • Yo-Yo’s, Dominoes, Playing Cards (new), Poker Chips & Mats, Dice
  • Board games (UNO, Othello, Checkers – travel size is great, too!)
  • Dart Boards (regular or magnetic – any size)
  • Nerf Footballs / Whiffle bats, balls & Mitts / Sports equipment
  • Frisbees / Hackey sacks
  • Music CDs, Magazines & Books




Here is a little sneak peek of our sign.



This couple is truly a perfect match for each other. When I first received a message from this mama to be’s husband I was a bit surprised as he was the first husband to ever contact me. I thought it was so sweet that he was involved in making his beautiful wife remember such an important moment in both of their lives.  There are  endless beautiful moments from this session. We laughed  and enjoyed every moment and the love they share for each shines through.


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