This is a very special blog post. On this day I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful Miss R on her actual 1st Birthday. You see a few days before as I set out to photograph her it started to torrential downpour. The images below will show you just how beautiful of a day it was. The sun was shining so bright for Miss R. Enjoy!!!!!

I Love little piggies!

Mr. N looking so handsome. (and yes I bribe for smiles)

Happy 1st Birthday to the Beautiful Miss R


When I was asked to be the photographer at this amazingly fun wedding, I felt honored. This wedding is filled with LOVE and this couple is surrounded by it.  I could post a thousand pictures from this day but as to not spoil it for the big reveal for J and S, I will try and keep it minimal. Here is just a glimpse into their perfect day! Congratulations Jared and Stacey. And Thank You for allowing me to share in and capture your memories.


I did something a bit different then my usual. I spent the morning with the Groomsmen.


Her first Glimpse of her groom.

His first glimpse at his Bride. I Love happy Tears.

The brother’s of the Bride

I bet you have never seen a First Dance like this one.

It was a moment that no one will forget.

(I hear it is on You Tube)

Cn you guess what song was playing?

Fairy Tale Ending!

Photographing birthday parties is not a norm for me  since I almost exclusively photograph portraits but when Seri’s mom contacted me, I could not resist. This beautiful birthday parties theme was April Showers Bring May Flowers.The day started out pretty clear and before we knew it, it was down pouring. That did not stop this party.  It was so much fun to watch everyone celebrating such a wonderful milestone. And by the end everyone was smiling including the heavens and Serafina. The sun was shining so brightly and with perfect timing.  Happy Birthday Miss Serafina


The beautiful birthday girl and her sweet big sister!

Getting Kisses from her Grandma

Loving Her Aunt Heather


Comfy Cozy in her Beautiful mamas arms!

She is LOVED!

Great Grandmothers are priceless!

Happy 1st Birthday Miss Serafina!

Miss J is truly a little beauty! She wanted to stay awake for most of her session but with some patience and baby whispering mom and I were able to get her asleep for these precious images. I am looking forward to going back and capturing her with her beautiful Mom, Dad, and handsome Big Brother.


I adore her pouty lips.

Little Pixie


Looking into her sweet momma’s eyes!

When I found out that graduation weekend would fall so close to my due date I was like any mom to be ( even the 3rd time around) a bit nervous. Praying that my little man would stay put until we got home and even with a few minor complications the day before we left for our 900 mile trip to the south,  I was not going to miss such an important monumental occasion in my brothers life. You see five years ago he was just a Senior and My husband and I drove him to see two military colleges. When I reflect back to that time, my brother had the world  at his finger tips, my Jocelyn  could not even walk yet and here she is closer to 6 and we were just beyond excited to see where life would take him.  Stepping foot  in to the first college my brother seemed pretty confident it would be where he would spend the next 4 years of his life that was until our next leg of trip. We pulled up to The Citadel, walked though the front gate and the first words out of his mouth were ” This is where I belong” and he never looked back. This past weekend was an amazing trip for our entire family. These images are just a glimpse into how proud we our of my brother Anthony and his accomplishments. I am lucky enough to have not one but two Marines that I get to call my brothers. I Love them both and truly am the proudest sister ever.


His Final Parade


Our 2nd Lt. following his commission. My mom and I pinned his bars on, my dad gave him his sword and my brother Vincent gave his first Salute.


The First Salute with our brother Sgt Vincent J Koert Jr.



How handsome are my brothers!

My three Marines! ( My dad is a former Marine)

The proud mama!

If you do not know already I am the oldest of 6  :-)

A must have image of my brother Vincent who has done 2 tours overseas!


Graduation Day for our Cadet and 2nd LT


Our Citadel Graduate

This Church in Charleston is truly stunning. My brother was inducted into a gentlemen’s fraternity in this church after graduation. I feel so honored to have witnessed it.

I am beyond excited to share this post. I have been really slacking on my blog but I cannot help but post today! Love was certainly in the air this weekend for all that gathered to celebrate the newest Mr and Mrs. I was so honored to be asked by my friend Julie to capture one of the most important day’s in her life. She could not have married a more wonderful man. I am so happy for them both. Have an amazing honeymoon!



Here comes the bride!


He sees his bride for the very first time.





At Last

It is amazing how in tune I am right now with pregnancy and newborns. I gravitate to them. And when I am on a session all I can do is ohhh and ahhh. Pregnancy is truly a miracle. A celebration of the life  to soon be born into this world. This beautiful mom is patiently waiting for her beautiful daughter. And her adorable son M will soon be a big brother. When I look at these images I can only imagine the Love this little one will receive when she arrives. She is one very lucky little girl.


I have hundreds of beautiful faces from this past year and I wish I could pick them all. I know I have said it before but I feel blessed to be able to pursue a career in which I am truly passionate about. And this is one of the beautiful faces I was given the opportunity to capture. I love how this little ones eye say it all. This little girl is fun and loving and although this is a very serious image of her she gave me the giggles on numerous occasions.



I could not have asked for a better session this weekend. It does not get much better than a beautiful couple in love and such a stunning day.Here is just a small sneak peek, Ok not small because I could’t choose just a few. I am in Love with them all.



I am very behind on my blog posts but could’t help but jump into this weeks challenge. I thought of this image immediately.  I adore her stunning dark hair and lush eye lashes. I Love everything about this image.  Enjoy!

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